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NASA Systems Engineering Handbook

Yes, I will concede it's not the first title that comes to mind when you start putting together that Easter reading list, but I stumbled across it yesterday and flipped through it to see what it had to offer. For the most part, I doubt I will ever work on a project of such scale that spans years, if not decades, and depends upon such meticulous planning.

However, there was one section that jumped out at me, and I felt would be of value to anyone dealing with technical projects. Buried among the 20-odd appendices, lies this little gem: "Appendix C: How to Write a Good Requirement". In this appendix, you are taught what a requirement is, how it should be worded, all of the elements to think about when crafting a requirement. The best part, is that it is in checklist form, and is only two pages long. This makes it VERY easy to integrate into any existing workflow without feeling like you are making a massive overhaul in your process.

Check out the appendix here: Appendix C: How to Write a Good Requirement

And the whole book can be found here: NASA Systems Engineering Handbook

I'm sure there are other bits of value in there, but if you read it for nothing else, read it for Appendix C!

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  1. First! :)

    Also, I think if I ever got a requirements doc that followed all of those points I’d pass out and fall out of my chair.

    Dare to dream!

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