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Finally, I can say something official about it. I have been asked to speak at FOTB2010 for its five year anniversary!

According to the web, the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood.

I doubt I'll be giving John any wood. ;)

I spoke at the very first FOTB, and have attended each year. It's a completely different kind of conference, one of the few to start and survive in Europe (the other being FFK, which I am speaking at in a week). There are so many great people speaking this year that to start listing them would be silly. I just suggest you look at the list. All I know is that I fully intend to reclaim my throne as Indian Leg Wrestling champion from Josh "The Tower" Hirsch, and struggle to figure out what to give Stacey Mulcahy for a gift this year.

Tickets go on sale in 2 weeks, I hope to see you there!

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  1. You screwed yourself by setting the bar too high. As for me, I already have mine fully planned out.

  2. Sounds like I’m going to need a training montage.

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