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Why I Don’t Care About The HTML5 vs. Other Technologies Argument

So I was chatting with Seb Lee-Delisle this morning about the ongoing "HTML5 is better", "No, Flash is better", "No, my proprietary language I wrote in 3rd year CS at MIT is better" discussion that seems to never end. Now, this discussion has always rubbed me the wrong way, but I had never really been able to articulate it in a more intelligent manner than "Pelsor ANGRY! Pelsor SMAAAASH!" It wasn't until this morning that it all clicked together:

1. We all claim to be moving to some sort of iterative processes

2. We all claim to make this shift in order to make mistakes early, reduce overall costs, and increase overall quality

3. Why can't the choice of technology be an acceptable mistake that we iterate through?

It's ok to scrap CMS's, databases, server-side languages, source control systems, pretty much any other type of technology used in our work. Why not UI technology? I say, get started on your project in whatever technology you are most comfortable with, be ok with throwing one away, or two, or eight. In doing this, we learn more about the logical, technical and experiential problems of the solution, and with each step, the solution becomes more elegant, refined, and beautiful. We don't waste time by attempting to solve the business problem.

Of course I know that we have to worry about market penetration, solution lifespan, organizational politics, not to mention the cost of development. However, the sooner you start building something, the sooner the conversation becomes constructive and focused on what you are working on, and not speculation on what might or might not be.

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