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My FOTB2010 Schedule

Hi all,

Yep, tis been months since my last post, but so be it. Life moves on at a relentless pace...

Anywho, as we are now just 2 weeks out from FOTB, I thought I would stay with tradition and post who I'll be catching at FOTB this year. As always it's a killer lineup, and incredibly difficult to choose (for example, would *love* to see Doug McCune, Hoss Gifford, Niqui Merret to name a few). However, choose we must, and I can't wait to hear what people have on offer. I've omitted the inspiration sessions because they are all must see, and I am really looking forward to each!

Day 1 (Monday):

Conrad Winchester - RobotLegs and Signals: Definitely something I haven't had enough time to dig into deeply, and I want to know more!

Rich Shupe - Meet LoaderMax: I won't lie, I still have trouble/get annoyed by loading frameworks. I've heard great things about LoaderMax, and Rich always finds a way to make things that I don't get, crystal clear.

Tink - Spot the Difference: Flex 4: I haven't seen Tink speak in a bit, so this will certainly be worth catching!

Stacey Mulcahy - Developing for the Social Media Douchebag: Luckily I saw Hoss's preso in Amsterdam earlier this year, so he won't feel like I'm ignoring him by catching one of my favorite speakers on the circuit

Day 2 (Tuesday):

Branden Hall - Hype: This is one of those sessions I'm an idiot for never making it to, but this time I gotta make it as it fits perfectly with a side project I'm kicking off this fall...

(My session is, of course, a must see. 13:30 in the Pavilion!)

Veronique Brossier - Adobe Air for Mobile Development: It's been seven years since I last saw Veronique, and I'm really keen to learn from her experiences hitting it hard in NYC!

Day 3 (Wedenesday):

Hugh Elliott - The Art of (Mis)Communication: His session last year (paired with Stacey Mulcahy's) was one of the highlights of FOTB09. I can't wait to see what he has on offer this year...

Cyriak Harris - Animated Mental Malfunctions: If you haven't seen his work on YouTube, find it. That'll explain why this is a must see!

Joshua Hirsch - Summer Fridays: Always killing with his sessions, Josh has so much to offer those trying to make their work and work environments better.

Along the way, I look forward to seeing stacks of old friends, making new ones, and stealing chocolate from Robin at the Adobe stand.

Look out Brighton, here I come!

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  1. Totally go and see Stacey — I’m a actually disappointed that I won’t be able to attend it.

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